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Artist's statement


Lise Belanger, artist and designerLise Belanger, artist and designer

In addition to my abilities and interests, I have worked in the sewing circle all my life.  In the beginning, it was clothes confection followed by theatre costumes which eventually brought me to quilted artwork.  As time went by, the attraction to forms, colours and lighting in the creation process of textile art took me away from clothes-making.

The medium used, adds an extra challenge to the creative approach by its manipulation in the pursuit of a precise execution that is undeniably my personality.  The fascination with textiles and their mixtures permits me to express my quest for calm, serenity and harmony which are expressed by my creations.  The texture and the colour of the medium often become the inspiration leading to a subject choice.

An artistic approach never being truly finished, I continue my evolution and my way of using semi-industrial practices related to the world of clothes-making, for the benefit of purely esthetic creation.  Thus, precision, organization and planning are reconciled with space without restricting artistic expression.


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