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Lise Belanger,  Textile Artist 

Welcome to Lise Belanger official website for art and textile art design.

Lise was born and raised in the charming Quebec town of Trois-Pistoles located on the southern shore of the Saint-Lawrence River. Here at an early age, she discovered her passion for creating and sewing. A passion which led her to study fashion in Quebec City, to work as a tailor and seamstress for many of Canada’s major theatres, and to eventually create her own line of children’s clothing.

Today, her creativity and passion for sewing are expressed through her Art Quilts. Original art pieces brought to life through the interplay of fabric, texture, and thread. You can contact Lise personally for (all of) your questions and your made-to-measure orders.


 " I requested a horse art quilt to be made by Lise! I just received it today and I have NEVER seen such a beautiful piece. The colors and the quality of work are just outstanding. Lise worked with me to create the perfect piece for me to use on a chair. I have ordered many things from Etsy, but I can honestly say this piece goes right to the top of my favorite purchases. Thanks so much Lise for your amazing work! "


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